Manual Handling


Raises awareness of the dangers associated with lifting and handling and the practical steps that can be taken to minimise and control those risks .

Course Code: ED12
Location: Plymouth, Devon UK
Duration: 2 Hours

Price: £30


More than a third of all reportable injuries and around 10% of major injuries are linked to manual handling. It has a huge impact in workplaces and costs the economy hundreds of millions of pounds every year. Anyone involved in the moving and handling of goods in the workplace could be at risk and should take the short but effective course.

Course Content

  • Anatomy of the spine
  • Causes of back pain
  • Moving & handling assessments and legislation
  • Principles of safer moving & handling
  • Unsafe systems of work
  • Equipment demonstrations & practice
  • Manual Handling Risk Assessment
  • Evaluation

This course is essential if you want to reduce the amount of injuries within your team / workplace. The necessary but effective training meets the annual health and safety training requirements and will educate you and your team on manual handling within the workplace.

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