Firearms Re-Certification


Designed for those seeking to renew compliance or gain employment within the Maritime Security or Close Protection industries. Training will be on two weapon systems.

Course Code: MFCC2
Location: Devon, UK
Duration: 1 day

Price: £200
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This 1 day course covers the requirements as set out by ISO 28007. The course is specifically designed for those seeking to renew compliance or gain employment within the Maritime Security industry.

Weapon Systems

Choose two of the following:

  • .308cal (7.62mm NATO) Styer Scout
  • .308cal (7.62mm NATO) L1A1 Self Loading Rifle (S.1 variant)
  • Glock 17 (BP)

Course Content

  • Marksmanship principles
  • Personnel equipment
  • Rifle familiarisation including stripping and assembly
  • Safe handling
  • Immediate action drills
  • Shooting from various positions
  • Accurate target engagement
  • Target acquisition

Candidates will be required to demonstrate safe, competent weapons handling as well as marksmanship to be able to apply controlled, accurate fire in a variety of controlled scenario based practices.

The course takes place on the Securewest 100m range in South Devon and students use both semi-automatic (.22cal) and bolt action full bore (7.62mm) weapons, having welcomed hundreds of students through our range our experienced instructors have vast experience and look forward to welcoming you.

Course Documentation (Required before attending the course)

  1. Criminal Record Background Check / Disclosure (less than 12 months old) click here if you need an individual DBS check
  2. Military Testimonial/Service Certificate/Police Service certificate/Military ID Card
  3. Copy of Passport / Drivers Licence / Official Government ID
  4. Proof of address (utility bill, bank statement etc) less than 3 months old
  5. Certificate of Mental health (if the student is not still serving in HM Forces at time of booking)

When booking your course please submit all documents listed above to

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