CCTV Operative Level 2


Designed for those wishing to apply for a licence from the Security Industry Authority (SIA) to work as a CCTV Operator in Public Space Surveillance.

Course Code: S03
Location: Plymouth, Devon UK
Duration: 3 days

Price: £282
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CCTV cameras are everywhere.

In the UK there are approximately 2.5 million CCTV cameras with over 11,000 on the London Underground alone! Watching over these CCTV cameras are thousands of people all with one thing in common – they all have SIA CCTV Operative licence.

Did you know?  There are strict guidelines and laws relating to viewing and recording and storage of CCTV footage.

The rise in the use of CCTV cameras means that there are lots of employment opportunities once you have a CCTV licence. This makes the CCTV Operative Training course the perfect course to start, or advance, your career in the Private Security Industry.

Course content

The CCTV Operative course is designed by the Security Industry Authority to give people a full understanding of your role within the security industry. The course covers everything from the legal aspects of CCTV monitoring to practical lessons on equipment and usage.

Modules covered

Module One – Working in the private security industry

Module Two – Working as a CCTV Operative

Module Three – Practical use of CCTV Systems

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